September 2024. Details coming soon.

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Wales’ only social media conference, uniting marketers, creators and enthusiasts to explore cutting-edge tactics, gain actionable insights and learn from industry leaders.

2024 details coming soon

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Brands who have attended Social Media Conference Cymru
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What guests say

"Original. Professional. Entertaining. Really enjoyed the opportunity to discuss social media from a Welsh perspective and share good practices from some of Wales' leading experts in the field."

"I loved the variety. You covered public sector, not-for-profit and commercial. I often find that these types of things are very geared towards commercial interests, so it was refreshing to see it all covered. Each industry has learnings for the others so I'm sure everyone took something away from it."

"The speakers were so engaging I learnt a lot, it was also great to learn that many of us have the same obstacles - brilliant event."